Working Groups

We have created a number of Groups in which people can participate in, and these are:
1rst Group: Water Resources (Ongoing project is Almyros Wetland)

2nd Group: Waste Management (Recycling, composting, etc)

3rd Group: Urban Green, Parks, afforestation (Ongoing project is the park of Elaionas)

4rth Group: Town layout, Protected Areas, Zoning, Coastline - Port Construction Works, Land Uses)

5th Group: Urban Reformation (Creation of Cycling Lanes, Use of Renewable Energy Sources, Alternatives to Traffic Flow, Free Urban Spaces)

6th Group: Renewable Energy Sources

7th Group: Industrial Activities (Environmental Impact Assessments, Industrial Wastes, Slaughter houses)

8th Group: Biodiversity, Flora - Fauna, Animal Protection

9th Group: Nature Paths - Civilisation (eco-archaeology), Land Niches of Particular Natural Beauty (Katharo, Agioi Pantes, Kolokutha, Vai - Red Palm Weevil

Our two support groups running along side all the above are:

10th Group: Environmental Education

11th Group: Communication Group, Briefing and Promotion of the Ecological Movement of Mirambello

Our contact details for whoever wishes to join and contribute in one or more Groups are:

Landline: 28410 23656
Mobile: 694 919 2412
Email: oiko.kinisi.miravelou@gmail.com

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